I specialize in stylized environmental portraits. My style is dramatic and surreal.  I use lighting, emotion and action to tell a story.


I am also proficient in journalistic  event photography and many styles of studio photography. I am also a video director who can create short form videos.


I make photography solutions for  entrepreneurs, organizations, businesses and brands. Who want a more immersive photo service .

I work from a 3500 square foot photo studio located in Costa Mesa, CA. Where we have two shooting spaces, dressing rooms, a full kitchen, workstations and client lounge areas. 


I like to produce photos that create an effect.  I do this by looking for a new ways to see the story. I am very excited about photography and its selective nature. I can see endless possibilities to evoke emotion through a single image.

Besides photography I am involved in many activities and I like to be active with my family and friends. I coach youth soccer. Which reminds me, I am also a physical person and I like to practice MMA, airsoft and Body Boarding.


I am also involved in the urban side of the scene. I am interested in street art and recording hip hop music for over a decade. Also of course like many coastal millennial I like traveling.

In the future, I hope to progress as a creative professional expanding my skill sets, knowledge and building positive relationships within my community. 


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