I was the kid that seemed to never be paying attention...


Basically, I wanted to Immerse in my world of ideas and stories to tell. I always would notice things others would not. I guess you could say I am good at paying attention to a lot of things. Not just one. 


Art and Design runs in the family, I’ve had a camera near by since before I could walk.  When I started college I originally had the idea of going into movie making but at that time broadband internet was blowing up. Allowing for high quality media distributed freely and instantly.  


I realized the novel publishing capability of the web. I saw the effects of viral media, I learned what digital cameras could do vs film and the endless possibilities of digital experimentation. I was enamored with short cinematic videos, guerrilla marketing, and Photoshop. The internet was my outlet and the digital era started my destined journey to make something different with digital photography.

After attending film school and a short stint working as a camera operator on T.V. Shows in Los Angeles. I went back at it in photography. Where, for years I assisted commercial professional photographers from all over the world on all sizes of budgets, but mostly I assisted my Father Steve Giraud a Master studio photographer, Guy Spangenberg a highly published automotive photographer and Car and Drivers magazine's lead photographer Marc Urbano. Where I gained on location and studio technique and work flow. Soon after, With my mixed media background I started pulling photography and video contracts on my own. 


Fast forward a little after assisting and I'm still pursuing my passion of photography. I do the work I do because I love it. I like the people I meet. I like to talk shop, culture and art. I like seeing my photos out there. I like to share my passion with other artists and I live to adapt to the always changing environment of being a photographer in this digital world. Mostly I hope that one day work can help spread the message of how important the arts and education is. 



From table top catalog photos to, creative and fun flat lay photography, to location shoots. I work with light and lens to make stand out product images for e-commerce, social media and print.


ACtion Photos

Actions speak louder than words. Capturing the right moment is my specialty and I do it different. I am innately connected with color and light. I use this to make images that feel like a dream.

STUDIO PhotoShoots

From large output catalog shoots to, entertainer portraits to automotive photography I'm available to create high production and output images over and over again.



I make short format films in cinematic documentary, lifestyle and viral advertising formats. My video production format is memorable leaving you with high end media that fetches results.


This is where my vision comes from, where I get my motivation. I am a branding photographer with creativity rooted in passion and passion plays an increasingly important role in brand content creation, online and in print. More and more consumers value a brands personal identity through creative expression.


Creativity is central to our digital culture and society, and is core to an individual’s identity and lifestyle. Therefore, I believe that, through my passion for creativity, especially to create images with meaning. My branding work has the power to leave a lasting impression and sew a message in in your audience's eyes.


This core belief guides the way I compose, light and digitally edit my images, but it also goes with how I run my photo brand, how my team and I work with our clients, how we produce media and how we immerse in your brand's audience. 

My clients and their audiences will not settle for average and neither will I. For my brand, there is a clear mission, to create the most noticeable photography in the world. Every day, I develop through study, work, thought and practice to create and sell the best photo culture in the world, and to offer the best client service and audience experience – and to do it all in a unique way.


To successfully do that, I stem from my authentic approach of making an image that yields results. Through sharing the connection of passion with whatever audience I am delivering my content. 


To get more in depth with my vision and what I do check out my interview. {coming soon}. 



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