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@2017 Andy Giraud Photography, Orange County CA, Professional Photographer.


Creating a connection from an abstract idea is a passion of mine. It challenges me to find a way to make it click. This video is a snapshot of the struggle of staying strong.



I know my destiny, I can see it in the mirror, my eyes like windows.

no denial, I face my fear.


I am honest with where I've gone, who I've become,

I am not blind I am my own equation & then sum.

Opportunity is elusive, My ego can be weak

But I will not follow, I am the shepherd, not the sheep….




I am the sum of my actions, side effects of my past.

I bare the pain of exposure because I know emotions won't last.


For I am the sum of my mistakes and great moments inside of the ring.

I won’t hesitate…


(Climatic Cinematic Break)


I make a better me..


Sometimes inspiration comes from doing. MMA Coach Skyler Meyers is able to take the words and act them out with passion. Making memorable moments. I was inspired by a comment he made, in regards to fitness having side effects. Now, he said side effects, Something we usually asocicated with the bad., but it made me stop and think.