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Andy is a Professional Photographer based in Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA. He takes dramatic photos of people, sports, action and concepts.


Andy, Newport Beach, CA. 

Andy specializes in creating compelling images of people, sports, concepts and product. He exhibits a cinematic style through implementation of a controlled studio light sources and photo manipulation.


With 17 years of industry experience, Andy now works on both large and small projects across dynamic industries. Andy knows how to work with people and product. A versatile photographer, he can work with detailed lighting setups in a studio or go portable on location. 

Through the use of retouching, he can polish a perfect image combined with dark moody and gritty realness.


​When Andy takes pictures of people, he quickly builds a relaxed relationship with them that keeps them comfortable and authentic. Through a cinematic composition, he creates hyper-realistic images that evoke emotion that lead to shares and create conversions in scale. 

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