Andy is a Professional Photographer based in Coastal Orange County, CA. He specializes in Advertising, Sport and Lifestyle photography.


Andy at 40th Street in Newport Beach, CA. 

In 2005, he started his career, but it wasn't the typical path. Being the son of a commercial studio photographer, Andy has been exposed to professional photography from an early age. In high school, he worked in the yearbook and experimented with his father's cameras and commercial studio. Making photography a career was always a consideration for him.

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Andy bodyboarding The Wedge on 8/27/22.

Over time, he became more and more dedicated to photography. Additionally, Andy developed a love for extreme sports. To this day, he is still rides at The Wedge in Newport Beach CA. as a bodyboarder. Using his photography skills, Andy entered film school to study directing and screenwriting.

​After attending film school and looking for a wider range of experiences, he spent the following years assisting on large-scale advertising and editorial shoots to build his set knowledge. He assisted commercial photographers in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, fashion, lifestyle, architectural, and product photography.  In addition to this, he persisted with his love of shooting extreme sports, entertainers, and lifestyle photography. Furthermore, he has created media for national brands, photographed thousands of healthcare providers, and held creative director roles across multiple industries. His experience includes working on global photography teams, directing commercial media teams, contributing to corporate and agency environments, and delivering his clients' needs on his own.

With 17 years of industry experience, Andy now works on both large and small projects across advertising, lifestyle, and sports. Andy knows how to work under pressure while still being focused and easy to work with. A versatile photographer, he can work with detailed lighting setups in a studio or get dirty on location.


When Andy takes pictures of people, he quickly builds a relaxed relationship with them that keeps them comfortable and authentic. Through a cinematic composition, he creates hyper-realistic images that evoke emotion through his lighting and editing technique.


Marcia and Andy on a visit to Hawaii.

In Andy's creative work, experience plays an important role. He also loves what he does. He uses photography to grab the attention of his audience, convey a message and propagate conversions. He won't settle for average and is always striving to innovate. By blending emotion with technical vision, he creates results-driven content. All while having a good time and some laughs along the way. 



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