Hi, I’m Andy Giraud. 


I do commercial branding photography to help professionals and brands bring their imaginations to life. 


The kid that seemed to never be paying attention...


Imagine how it felt to be ignorant of the worries of life and simply obsessed on the beauty of everything around us. That kid was me – the polymath, generalist or anything you’d like to call someone that see stories in everything. I guess you could say I’m good at paying attention to a lot of things. You wouldn’t know until you find out. *wink*


The idea of telling stories wasn’t by chance since art and design runs in my family. Ever since I could walk, I’ve been around cameras and studio equipment. At the time when broadband internet was blowing up, opportunity met preparation for me. I realized the novel publishing capability of the web. I saw the effects of viral media, I learned what digital cameras could do vs film and the endless possibilities of digital experimentation. 


The digital era was my canvas, I created magic.

From short cinematic videos to guerrilla marketing, and photoshop, the internet was my outlet and the digital era started my destined journey to make something different with digital photography.

Yes, I didn’t wake up one day to be Picasso.

  • I attended film school and worked as a camera operator on TV shows in Los Angeles

  • I assisted commercial professional photographers from all over the world

  • I assisted my father, Steve Giraud, a successful and master studio photographer; Guy Spangenberg, a highly published automotive photographer; and Marc Urbano from Road & Track Magazine and Porsche.

I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything but I yearned for a more creative and entrepreneurial endeavor. With my mixed media background, I started pulling photography and video contracts on my own. To this end, AndyGPhoto was born.



Let me put your brand in best light with amazing product photography for e-commerce, social media and print. I do table top catalog photos, flat lay photography and location shoots. 


ACtion Photos

Capturing every moment that tells your story is what sets me apart. I use color and light to bring your images to life without trying too hard.  

STUDIO PhotoShoots

From large output catalog shoots to entertainer portraits and automotive photography, I'm available to create high production and output images that stun.



I leverage on my storytelling skill to create captivating short films in cinematic documentary, lifestyle and viral advertising. It’s more than just execution to me, I aim for results.


My work process is rooted in passion, which plays a vital role in my creative expressions. I do the work I do because I love it. I’m super passionate about art and it’s evident in how I handle my client’s work. My branding work has the power to leave a lasting impression and sew a message in in your audience's eyes. My clients and their audiences will not settle for average and neither will I. To successfully do that, I blend authenticity with creativity to create content that yields results.


Contact me for all your commercial branding photography needs, I look forward to the opportunity of bringing your imagination to life.






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