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Andy, Newport Beach, CA. 

Having been a professional photographer for over a decade, Andy produces dramatic imagery of people and movement for marketing and publicity. 

Andy Giraud is photographer who specializes in portrait and lifestyle photography based in Costa Mesa, California.  Often, he captures movements, products, and most importantly, the character and style of his subjects. 


Andy’s studio creates compelling, evocative brand visuals.  In studio or on location, Andy can harness epic style, record deliberate imagery capturing mood in moments, with dynamic colors that translate into visuals that captivate viewers.

Aside from growing up around local subcultures such as surf and skate, Andy developed an urban edge through an interest in hip-hop and urban street art. As well as studying filmmaking, he has played video games, yup since Nintendo 8 bit. As with many millennials, Andy has a deep understanding of the internet and technology.

On assignment, he has extensively shot in studio and on location on small and high budget sets - experiences that develop and strengthen his photographic voice, technique and passion behind the camera and computer. Andy is an expert retoucher with a knack for color. Aside from polishing images, he can manipulate them to give life to ideas that might otherwise be impossible. 


Andy’s blend of creativity, style and technical expertise guarantees compelling imagery. With a client portfolio that includes manufacturers, entertainers, athletes, sports teams, apparel and drinks companies, Andy’s studio is their top choice for making compelling visuals.

Get in touch with Andy for your next project.

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