Andy is a Professional Photographer based in Coastal Orange County, CA. He takes dramatic photos of people, sports, action and concepts.


Andy at 40th Street in Newport Beach, CA. 

Andy specializes in creating compelling images often using computer integration of people, sports, conceptual and portrait photography. He exhibits a cinematic style through implementation of a controlled studio light sources and composition of the environment. He is a true creative that can work with anything. If there is a subject and a story, he can certainly find drama anywhere. His art often focuses the attention of his audience.

Photo Aug 29, 12 08 46 PM_edited.jpg

Andy bodyboarding The Wedge on 8/27/22.

Creating drama with light and lens is his specialty, and the story that surrounds it plays a crucial role. That's why he likes to immerse himself in his projects, from the story up and the results are often stunning and hyper realistic. He is no stranger to modern photography and its benefits. As a result, he often uses editing techniques that go beyond the camera to represent what he can visualize in his mind.

With 17 years of industry experience, Andy now works on both large and small projects across dynamic industries. Andy knows how to work under pressure while still being focused and easy to work with. A versatile photographer, he can work with detailed lighting setups in a studio or get dirty on location. 

Through the use of retouching. It is his mastery to polish a perfect image combined with dark moody and gritty realness. His photographic eye makes what he sees real. A reality that is distinguishable and can be digitally distributed, garnishing thumbs to the sky, and more hang time on the scroll. 

When Andy takes pictures of people, he quickly builds a relaxed relationship with them that keeps them comfortable and authentic. Through a cinematic composition, he creates hyper-realistic images that evoke emotion that lead to shares and create conversions in scale.