The photograph represents more than just a picture, it is a window into another person's world. A glance at a photo is all it takes to get a sense of who the subject is. Photos can transmit information faster and farther than any other medium. 


The power of photography is the ability to use our vision to create a direct connection to our mind. An image can influence our perceptions and direct our desires. An image is more than just a picture. It shows who we are. 


Connecting a story with an image is a powerful tool. Imagery has a subjective power to influence our notions and direct our desires. A photo is more than just an image, it's a visual representation of who the person is. 


The act of pushing the shutter button closes the shutter and allows an image to be captured. That image is then saved along with many others just like it. The art of selection determines what the viewer will be able to deduce from the image. 


By combining so many different and yet similar photos, a consistent story can be told. This keeps the audience engaged. Impacting the viewer repeatedly with no loss of attention. Delivering a stronger message. This is an art that possesses a certain value but is quite subtle. This is a nuance that we value very highly. 


Portrait subjects can feel like they're on display. This causes some subjects to become something they're not. A photographer's ability to cross those boundaries and find the actual person behind the wall is invaluable.  Genuine expressions differ from those we make up. We know how to discern the difference. 


There is no doubt that color, composition, light, and direction all contribute to the creation of a certain vibe. These elements create the emotional space where a picture takes place. Feelings can easily convince the viewer of how the subject feels.