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Hi, I'm Andy Giraud. I'm a commercial photographer and creative director in Orange County. My whole life has been filled with commercial arts, so it makes sense I'd own a creative business. I do portraits, product photography, videos, and digital marketing content for brands and products. In addition, I help with creative strategy for campaigns and content. With over a decade of experience creating content for clients, I've built a great team.

Costa Mesa-based photo and creative studio specializes in content creation and media production.

We have a lot of talent available to us, including photography in studio and on location, product photography, business operations, videography, video editing, photoshop retouching, studio lighting, production, location scouting, casting, prop styling, makeup styling, and creative development.

We specialize in commercial photography

As well as everything that goes into producing a great image. Images are often produced by combining many techniques. We help our clients conceptualize their needs by creating stylized storyboards, shot lists, and identifying props during pre-production. During production, we offer studio lighting solutions even on location. During post-production, we curate, select, and retouch our imagery to maintain the highest level of production.

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