• AndyGiraud

I believe it should be easy and even fun to make a good portrait headshot.

Headshot Portraits can be challenging for many professionals. Think about how many times you've made the effort to update your headshots and maybe even those of your team members. Upon receiving your images, you discover that although the lighting and composition were excellent, the photoshoot just did not yield the results you wanted. Suddenly you are confused, because the photographer had the right equipment, workflow, and delivered the images promptly! However, you do not like the pictures for some reason. Each portrait had something missing that you couldn't put your finger on.

*Creating a headshot should be fun!

I am an Artist.

A great photo requires many things. Among them are technical elements like camera settings and equipment. There are others that are highly emotional, such as how a photographer builds trust with their subject before taking the photograph. Business portraits can often fail to capture the right pose or angle of a particular person because the photographer is not sure how to find the right look. Unlike most photography skills, this skill can't be taught, but it can be learned by photographers who care about taking photos that represent their subject the best way possible. I'm not trying to diminish the skill of other photographers. I'm pointing out the subtle differences in a portrait that may be missed by a client or photographer who does not value it. Making a portrait that works shouldn't produce any sensation of "cringe". Thats a bad vibe, and I want to avoid it at all costs.

There are a number of ways in which I combat cringe. I achieve this mainly by building rapport with the subjects I work with. I start by making them feel comfortable and accepted. As a result of my empathy, I have been able to lead my subjects into a perfect pose before they even realize it, and help to alleviate that tense feeling we might have. My subtle style of directing through the camera makes photographing a headshot fun. Even if my subject wasn't keen on taking the pictures in the first place.

My expertise is capturing the right moment for a perfect portrait, this is something I am used to doing. Additionally, I tend to shoot portraits in an editorial format. This means I take more than one picture. Using this method, I am able to hunt for that perfect moment and angle when my subject gives me their best look. My camera is hooked up directly to the computer and has a big monitor, making it easy to see our production. Following that, I select the best images right in front of you. In addition to color enhancing your "Hero Headshots," I do a comprehensive retouching process that removes any distractions and blemishes from your portraits. The retouch I do is carefully done, because a good retouch should not look retouched at all. Often I accurately clip out the portrait so you can "drag and drop" your image onto graphics or realistic backgrounds. This provides endless editing possibilities.

Get the Headshot You Want After Your Shoot!

Photographing yourself and maybe your team requires more than just lights and a camera. Find a photographer who can capture the right moment and don't settle. We can help you make the best headshot you've ever had!

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