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Marketing and lifestyle photography for brands in a diluted media market.

We're all living in a digital age, that's a fact. It's a time when almost everyone has a camera in their pocket and can publish to an almost infinite audience. Instagram, YouTube, and the web have all grown because of this media explosion. In a world where media is consumed almost every second, generations who once consumed highly curated media from magazines, broadcast, and periodicals are getting farther and farther away. Content creators and brands have a tough time standing out in a time of constant experimentation, constant swathes of imagery. Despite all the changes in media production, who's producing and how audiences consume it, some things remain the same. Our eyes will always consume media and our emotions will always process it. People can tell the difference between impactful imagery no matter how it's presented.

Impactful imagery differs from ordinary images.

All of us know someone who is a photographer or media producer in some way. We also likely know someone who publishes media on a daily basis. Whether you're a vlogger, a business or an influencer. For hours a day, everyone is influenced by photography, which has become a valuable consumeable. What happens when a viewer sees media all the time? There's no doubt it gets diluted and less impactful. There's an art to photography. An advertising photographer's ability to identify images that can sway thought, evoke emotion, and motivate action is more valuable today than ever before. When a professional photographer uses digital photography to tell a story, he can leave a lasting impression on an audience. The skills and techniques used by a commercial photographer are highly practiced and controlled, so the end result is more precise and allows the client to produce imagery that is highly targeted to their specific audience. However, a professional advertising photographer with experience beyond camera operation has a skill that's deeper than technique. Being a photographer and an artist is almost like a superpower. Photographers like Andy Giraud can spot a perceived volume of an image before it's taken and predict the effect it'll have on an audience. The photographer's skills go even further when it comes to editing and retouching the photos. Much of the magic happens during the selection process. Identifying and selecting those "it" images is magical. Having studied art theory, worked with art directors and marketing teams, photographers like Andy Giraud can spot what photos will make the biggest impact and only those will be selected for further editing, retouching and publishing. Here's where the value is. We all have cameras, produce high-quality pictures, select and publish pictures every day. True value comes from a dedicated advertising photographer's eye and production process. It's a value that's not only felt by an audience, but also quantifiable, and it will stand out from the rest.

Experienced advertising photographers don't mind diluted media pools.

The techniques, equipment, and publishing platforms used by photographers who know that formula are different from what a modern content creator uses. Their process allows them to identify "it" images and create a series of high-quality imagery with a controlled message that a client wants. This professional creative process reduces guesswork, increases impressions, and may even make imagery go viral. Brands need to stand out in today's diluted media consumption market, and the only way to do that is with media that has the "it factor" that only an advertising photographer like Andy Giraud can provide.

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