As a result of the digital age, Micro Resorts have made a new market space for rental inventory by using websites like Air BnB and VRBO. Buyers on the web base their decisions on booking their stays heavily based on photography that portrays the property in an artistic and stylized manner to give the potential guest an idea of the atmosphere of the property.



In order for property owners to compete effectively in a highly competitive market, they realized that traditional real estate photography would not be able to create the impression necessary. When guests shop on the web, they wanted to see more of the property in an intimate manner that would allow them to better visualize themselves at the property with their fellow guests before they even went there. Using strong imagery is crucial to fulfilling this desire. 


The owners can create a stronger emotional bond with their potential visitors by providing guests on the web with strong imagery of their property. Inspiring their imagination and creating trust and a positive outcome for their stay at that property can ignite an instant connection. Images with a high production value will convert more bookings. 



By using an array of photographic techniques, we are able to capture the character of the home. These things are intended to create the impression that you might experience if you stayed at the home. HDR, Flash, Lifestyle, Drone, and Detail Photography are some of the methods we use to describe the vacation homes environment. We then carefully select the most desirable shots and retouch them to focus on what matters. In other words, what it would be like if that shopper had the opportunity to visit there.