Words don't care what paper they're on. How you see an image determines its value. The answer lies in the effects it has on the audience. Ideally, photography should make an impact. That's what I aim to do. 


With every project I take on, I try to create something new. Pictures that are different. Imagine being able to create the world of your dreams. It's what my photography does for me, and I want to do it for you too. 


Rules are meant to be broken in photography. A photograph is a moment frozen in time, but it can also provide a glimpse of motion.  If the subject has an action-based story, I want to document it. 


They sometimes have skills that are out of the ordinary. The skills they have have been honed over time. An image may not only show the true character of a subject, but also what the person is capable of with that character. Some of these abilities are so evident that the viewer is influenced to do the same. I have a passion for creating imagery that inspires others. 


Athletes achieve through a process. There is no overnight success. Despite the fact that images are only snapshots of a journey, I see them as landmarks. In my eyes, my images tell a story that can only be experienced visually. For that reason, I am fascinated. 


To achieve a certain level of success, you have to know what it takes to get there. It is my goal as a sports photographer to showcase that. Through imagery, I hope to convey their time and dedication. 


I often work across multiple sports disciplines. Some can be dangerous. Through my own training and background research, I keep my expression in line with the demands of my environment. This gives me the ability to create images that are difficult to find in other works.