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When I was approached with the project to capture a swimmer in studio. I took a moment and visualized the sport of swimming. I was immediately struck by the moments of anticipation before and after a swimmer’s heats. The tension grows as swimmers take to the pool’s edge, zoning out the world. The lights are bright and the competitors are wet. The feelings are tense, powerful and influential to all who witness this type of sport.

To create these moments in studio, I directed my subject to feel as if he were about to race. I created mood with controlled and directional light much like a stadium. I used dark colors in the background to resemble the focus it takes to participate in this sport. Lastly, I created a slick floor and wet skin appearance to make it feel wet as if he were really on the pool deck.

All of this comes together to create a dark and powerful mood that embodies the true essence of this athlete and what he does and feels during his swim meets.

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